Why so complicated? Samsung and the social network competition

I’m a girl that likes competitions. Getting something for nothing just appeals, especially now that my laptop fills out my personal information for me. And of course, there’s the added bonus of all those emails and direct mail pieces that inevitably follow – I’m an advertiser, I like to see what everyone else is doing. But it seems to me that Samsung’s latest set of competitions are a little bit more effort than they’re worth.

On your marks, get set, win
First of all, you have to be a regular Twitter or Facebook user. If you don’t sign on at just the right moment, you’re likely to miss out.

And then there’s the instructions. Held on an external site that’s so popular it sometimes doesn’t even load, they’re about as clear as mud. Navigating through the site, finding out what you have to do, even just reading the instructions, it’s no easy task – you have to know the lingo, so if you’re not a seasoned social networking pro, you’ll struggle. And let’s face it, the difference between #samsungcapture and #tapandtake could be the difference between winning a camera and never actually having a chance.

Finally, there’s the loss of street cred. Is that camera really worth tweeting to your friends, colleagues and maybe even prospective clients. As a new-by with just over 30 fans, I’ll risk it – but not for much longer.

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