To create is to destroy

I’ve just been out and spent £10.95 on a book I have every intention of destroying. It’s called ‘Wreck This Journal’ and was thought up by illustrator Keri Smith.

It’s the complete opposite of everything you’ve been taught about books. Don’t bend the spine… don’t turn the corners over… don’t write in it… I wouldn’t dream of doing any of these things to my books. I actually get a little twitchy when anyone leaves my books folded open. But I’m going to throw caution to the wind and give this a go. Aside from being a bit of a laugh, I think it will make quite a unique addition to my book case – if a rather messy one.

Basically, the journal tells me what to do and it’s instructions are a little on the crazy side. On one page it tells me to take my journal into the shower, on another it tells me to tear out a page and make a paper plane – I’m not actually sure how much journal will be left when I’m done. But the thing is – it doesn’t matter, because this journal is about doing things, not recording them. It’s the traditional journal, turned on its head.

And I’ve decided to take you through the whole process with me. So i’ll be posting regular updates about my journal destroying activities, starting now…

The first act of destruction

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