Creative emails that make you go “oooooh”

There’s been a distinct lack of digital marketing on my blog so far, but I’m going to put that to rights now. I’ve signed up to about a billion email newsletter and most of them are pretty generic. But every now and then I find a little gem that pushes the boundaries. So where to start…

The crazy ones

Schuh does crazy particularly well. The design is scatter-brained in that everything just where it should be way. The products are inspired, they show the range and add a quirky, colourful edge to the style. And the copy, cheerful, friendly and just a little bit cheeky.

Creative email 2 Creative email2 gets a sneak place on the list too. I’ve only had one email form them, but has just the right combination of downright weird and beautiful products. You’ve gotta love it.

Creative email6

The pretty and the fun ones

Boden is one of my all time favourite brands. They’re copy tone is one of the best around. Cheerful and friendly, quirky and cool – and it’s got a design to match! Just look at these two examples.

Creative email4 Creative email3

And quickly moving up my list of favourite brands is Joules. They’re fun and quirky but traditional and old fashioned too – for me that’s the perfect combination. Here it’s not just a great tone of voice and a fabulous design – it’s interesting content with a deliciously tenuous link to the collection. Now that’s good creative advertising!

creative email5

There’s plenty more where that came from, so watch this space.

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