Breast cancer awareness advertising… so much potential

This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while, but I’m just not sure they pulled it off. I know, I sound like an X-Factor judge, but I can’t help it.

The concept is great. Naming boobs, giving them a personality, selling them as a pair. The picture? A bit naughty but it works. You’d definitely notice it in a magazine and the overlaid copy makes you want to read it. But for me, the words let it down. It could have been so much cuter, so much more personal, but it wasn’t – and that’s a little disappointing.

Having said that, this last one is an absolute gem. So maybe I’ve spoken too soon…

Grey, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Director: Pieter van den Heuval, Ecco Vos
Copywriter: Pieter van den Heuval
Designer: Phoebe Dawson
Art Buyer: Anita Hammer
Photographer: Rankin
Strategy Director: Martijn Benschop
Account Team: Silvia Lenberger & Eva Cortenbach

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  1. Holly

    Nice adverts but all that copy over the top ruins it. A nice clear shot would have been better. ;)

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