Best Use of Plagiarism

Plagiarised Chip Shop Award Entry

Okay, so you probably remember me raving about the Chip Shop Awards and the 3 awards I picked up last year. Well, it’s that time again and the Nominations (now called Finalists) have just been announced.

As usual, there are some great entries but the one that really caught my eye was my advert! Yes, my Best Use of Plagiarism ad from last year is doing a second turn on the Chip Shop Award circuit. Why? Well because someone has plagiarised it of course. 1000heads, a ‘word of mouth’ agency in London took my ad and entered it again – this time under their name. It’s the ultimate act of plagiarism.

‘Taking the piss’
If my advert was ‘took the piss’ out of advertising, as two-time Chip Shop Chairman Dave Trott said, then theirs takes the piss out of the Chip Shops themselves.

Mixed response
This cheeky little entry has spread like wild fire, it’s gone from one RT to the next on Twitter and I’ve watched in wonder. Some love it, others are disappointed – and me? I don’t know whether to be flattered, outraged or impressed.

The idea itself is nothing short of hillarious – but I wonder, will it be judged for the ad itself or the simply the audacity of the entry. I asked as much on Twitter, more out of curiosity than anything else, and the story has been picked up by The Drum. No answers though.

All in all, I’m pretty entertained by the whole affair. Though I have to admit, I’m quite tempted to pop down to London in June to pick up my/1000heads award…


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  3. I think this is brilliant.

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