A foot in the door…

Getting into the advertising industry is no easy task. Personally, I blagged my way in with a mixture of skill, luck and blind enthusiasm. I look back now and wonder how I managed it – settled in a job within months of leaving uni and on the road to a career as a creative copywriter.

So when I heard rumours of an internship competition that follows the same template as shows like Next Top Model, I had to take a look. The Big Ad Gig is a work-based competition with a very juicy prize – ’30 days of briefs, branding and benjamins at Atmosphere Proximity, Crispin Porter, Bogusky, Oglivy NY and Saachi and Saachi Wellness.’ Wow!

How does it work?
Well, first you have to make a fool of yourself – initiation, everyone does it in some way or another. In this case it’s in the form of a YouTube video, in which you’ll declare ‘I deserve a Big Ad Gig’ in a very public place. Your CV and portfolio will also be taken into account, but I’m guessing the more creative your video, the better.

If you impress the judges, you’re in the final. You’ll be set a creative brief, concepts will follow and then it’s off to mingle with the industries best at Advertising Week. On the 24th September 2009, you’ll present your concepts in front of the judging panel and a live audience. Four of the eight finalists will get a paid placement at one of America’s top agencies.

It might not be easy, but it’s a fantastic opportunity.

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