Will they ever match that Gorilla ad?

Okay, so this ad has been around for a while, but I’ve never really paid enough attention to notice it was Cadburys – not a good sign really. The thing is, I always look up when it comes on. All that noise, it sounds exciting – then I get bored. It’s just another in a long stream of adverts trying to live up to the pure genius of the Gorilla ad.

But it’s not going to happen. That ad was completely obscure, absolutely hillarious and impossible to repeat. It surprised us and Cadburys can’t do that again, because we’re waiting for them to bring out the next Gorilla and every attempt just shows how good the Gorilla really was.


  1. I agree with you on this, although the little airport vehicles racing over the classic rock/pop music (which escapes me right now) was quite fun too, the gorilla was inspired and seemingly out of nowhere. Now, like you said, we’re waiting/anticipating the next great/original/funny advert, but will it ever have the same impact?

  2. Copy Girl

    Really? You liked that one – I thought everyone hated it. Though that may have been because it came so soon after the Gorilla.

  3. I thought they’d pulled it back (after some disappointing efforts) with ‘Eyebrows’ but the big head and now this aren’t hitting the same heights. In their own strange way they’ve become too formulaic and wacky for wacky sake.

    Gorilla had Eyebrows both had a payoff and were simple. Everything that’s failed has just been too complicated.

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