The TV advert that put Muller back in our fridges

Okay, so to kick off my frenzied night of blogging, it had to be the Muller cow-that-wants-to-be-a-horse TV advert. You’ve probably already seen it and if you haven’t – well where on earth have you been for the last month?

It’s a little piece of advertising genius. For once, I don’t one single person that doesn’t like it (if you are going to be my anomaly, please feel free to comment with your reasons, I’d be interested to hear them) and I still smile every time I see it. The cinematography, the copywriting, the voice over, even the cow – it’s all perfectly put together!

Even better, I know what they’re advertising. How often do you watch a TV advert and not know what it’s for. But with this Muller TV advert, the cow reminds you every time. So I stand by my initial statement – advertising genius!