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Copywriting inspiration

Thus far, 2012 has been a tad crazed and I’ve been neglecting the blog… okay, so maybe I’ve been a little absent on Twitter too! Good news is, I’m back with a new blog feature and a super chatty Twitter feed. So, from now on, will feature a regular round-up of the web’s must-see content. Videos, articles, tweets and more, all in one place.


3 things to look for in a great copywriter
Top tips for those hiring freelance copywriters.  


One Hour Per Second
Mind-bending statistics, given in YouTube time.

@Mike_Stelzner: 4 Simple steps to a Facebook Timeline that tells your marketing story (Good stuff!) via @AndreaVahl @copyblogger

Starbucks lead the way in mobile…
Now the Starbucks Card is an iPhone app.  

@Mr603: Trying to promote your blog on a tight budget? Here’s how to do it for free.


Creative Review – The £25 Logo
Find out how much bang you get for your £25 bucks.

Know Your Onions: Graphic Design
Looking for a bit of light industry reading that looks as good as it sounds? 


Color + Design – Interior Paint Colours
Because creativity starts at home.

Gorgeous home inspiration
Lovely things to look at. 


@designtaxi: Rare jellyfish photography captured underwater 


New Volkswagen ad, the one after Darth Vader
It’s a dog, instead of a kid – but just as good.  

@adfreak: How a 3-year-old got a grocery giant to change a product name.




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