Social networking – the old spice way!

Another one you’ve probably all heard about… but I thought it was worth a mention! I didn’t see this campaign until the ‘social networking’ chapter but I don’t think that matters. Actually, I’ve never even felt the urge to watch the original ads, the YouTube videos are quite enough to keep me entertained and fill in all the gaps.

Needless to say I love them. The whole online community does (again, I’d invite anyone who doesn’t to comment, I know they weren’t a hit with my fella, are there more anomalies out there?) It’s a unique and novel way to use social networking, to respond to conversations individually.

The copywriting is inspired, I laughed out loud. The actor is incredibly talented – just to get through one of those videos without laughing has to be considered an accomplishment. And each every one of the results is worth watching from start to finish.

Anyway, that’s enough of my chit chat – here’s a couple of my favourites….

PS. While finding these videos to post, I found the original TV ad – genius!