Social networking, a case study

As most of you probably know, I’ve been on Twitter for quite some time. In fact, I can give you a date! I started tweeting in August 2009, so I’m hurtling towards the two year mark.

So far, I’ve gained over 1000 followers, forged about 50 talk-regularly friendships, met about 6 people in person and spoken to 1 on the phone. Oh and yes, I’ve both found and been offered work through Twitter.

But for me, social networking isn’t just a hobby, it’s part of my day job. I don’t just tweet for myself, I tweet for my clients – and the same goes for Facebook.

So, now that I’m officially freelance and have just acquired a brand new client, I thought it might be nice to blog about our social journey – from set-up to success. Starting with creating a Twitter/Facebook account, building relationships and spreading the word. Moving on to competitions, partnerships and social campaigns. And probably adding value along the way with blogs, web-development and the odd real-world event – because as we all know, social networking isn’t a standalone thing, it’s just part of the marketing mix.

Now, I’ve just this week put the client live on Twitter and Facebook, so I’ll give it a week or so, then update you all on what we’ve been doing! Keep checking back!

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