Smell of jet fighters and punching.

Can you guess which brand used this headline? I’ll give you a clue – they’re social media gods right now… Yep… You got it! Old Spice!

The whole headline reads:

Don’t smell of knitting & butterflies.

It’s another classic from the new advertising leaders – and as usual, there’s a social media twist! Old spice are asking customers to ‘tell us what you want to smell like’ on Facebook for a chance to win a manly adventure holiday.

God these guys are good. Amazing creative copywriting. Great idea. And a marvellous, relevant incentive.

Mind you, I still wouldn’t buy Old Spice for my fella. Then again, I’ve never really been one for manly men…

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  1. Yes I hve to agree with you, excellent copy – but is it enough to push a dying product? I don’t know… I still ain’t buyin it.

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