Dissatisfaction: the silent copywriter killer

I’ve been doing this for a while. In fact, I’ve just tip-toed over the 4 year mark. I’ve been a junior and a mid-weight, a writer and a thinker – I’ve pitched ideas, run workshops and generally sweet-talked my clients into doing great things. And I’ve met some amazing people – many of them copywriters.

But why is it that so many of those lovely word-smiths are looking for a way out of the industry? Some of them dream of being novelists – a pretty standard aspiration for a copywriter, you might think. But others disappear into the depths of property development, get a sudden urge to open a vintage clothes store or just quit. No plans, no back-up – and no more copywriting!

The fact is, we have to deal with a lot of crap. From clients that think they’re copywriters to content mills that put quantity over quality, our skill-set is constantly undermined. And even in our natural habitat, our wings are clipped. Instead coming up with ideas, adding value and generally making every communication the best it can be, we’re asked to fill gaps left by designers or beaten to submission by account handler.

It’s no wonder all those copywriters are looking for a way out!

The good news is, it’s not like that everywhere. There are clients who know the true value of well-written copy, account handlers who fight for a good idea and agencies who believe teamwork is the key to incredible advertising.

So I’m asking you, please, whether you’re a client or a creative director, a designer or an account handler – take good care of our copywriters. Trust that they know what they’re doing and let them do their job. Give them the information they need and the money they deserve. Respect them, nurture them and learn them – because you’ll reap the rewards.

And maybe that way, we won’t lose so many talented copywriters to other industries, maybe they’ll dream of the TV ad they’ll make or the mobile app they’ll create, instead of the house they could do up and the novel they could write.

Just an idea.


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  2. Beautifully said.

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