Bringing home the chips…

This time last week I was down in London, defying the tube strike for an annual advertising bash. That’s right, the Chip Shop Awards were in town and I had a couple of nominations!

Now if you know the Chip Shops, you know convention goes out the window. I’ve been to a couple now and they’re always the same. Dress-down, nightclub affairs with a packet of chips on the way in – not quite what you expect from a renowned awards ceremony. But then the Chip Shops aren’t like other advertising awards…

You see, you don’t need big name clients to enter the Chip Shop’s and you don’t need to be all sensible and response-driven either. The aim of the game is to be creative, in any way you see fit. Categories include ‘Best Use of Plagiarism’, ‘Best use of Bad Taste’ and ‘Create Your Own Category’.

I put four entries in this year and got two nominations out – The Sun Does The Economist, a cheery piss-take of the iconic Economist ads and ‘Would you notice?’, a thought-provoking drink safety campaign.

So back to the night in question. Nerves hit a couple of hours before the action. I’m not a very good loser, so there was definitely a tantrum on the cards if I didn’t win. Luckily I bagged a Chip (The Sun), a Vinegar (Notice) and the much coveted Chairman’s Award (The Sun).

The legendary Dave Trott was this year’s chairman. He called my ad “vulgar, crass and piss-taking”, I’m strangely proud of that. I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed that he wasn’t there, but his blog says he had family commitments and you can’t fault him for that.

Everyone seemed to disappear after the awards, so we did the same. Celebrations took the form of a bottle of Champagne and a well over-due KFC.

Check out the other winners here.

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