A long time coming – e & e²

A little while back, I started a mission to read a whole host of new and exciting books – chosen by you. The suggestions came rolling in, I single-handedly pushed Amazon into profit and gave my bookcase a real workout. But here we are, 4 months later, in a whole new year and I haven’t reviewed a single book or updated you on my progress.

The fact is, I’ve been busy. And I’m easily distracted. So after starting If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller (and finding it very hard going), I squeezed in The Time Traveler’s Wife then set to work on e: A Novel and shortly after, E Squared.

I haven’t finished the first and the second wasn’t technically on the list, so I’m starting the review with e and e². They were both pretty amazing to be honest, especially to an advertising girl like me. Each one is made up completely of emails, with texts, MSN messages and blogs all making an appearance in the sequel – and they all come straight from ad-land.

If you’ve ever worked in an agency, you’ll have a flash back or two as you make your way through the books. The characters are all-too-familiar – from ‘but does it make me look gay’ Milton to testosterone-fuelled Liam and suck-up Susi, any one of them could be sitting next to you right now!

Of course, in the real world work is anywhere near as exciting! It goes from everyday dramas – office affairs, back-stabbing and anger-management – to absolute chaos, with the likes of hurricanes, sleaze bags and plagiarism all making an appearance. And that’s just the first book. In the second it all gets so much more exciting. Oh yes, there are mobsters, suicide attempts and a possible murder – I won’t spoil the ending.

Matt Beaumont has worked a little miracle here. Definitely worth a read, even if you’re not in advertising.

Want to read it? Go for it…

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